Augusto (Survivor Pacific Islands)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 22nd, 2000 (age 15)
Hometown Salt Lake City, Utah
Occupation Student/Unemployed

Izu Islands

Tribe(s) Mikura-jima


Ochel Coos

Placement 2/20
Alliance(s) The Powerpuff Girls

Fantastic Four
The Dream(z) Family

Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 70

Augusto is a contestant from Survivor: Izu Islands, the second Survivor: Pacfic Islands season.

Augusto is remembered for ...

Voting HistoryEdit

Augusto's Voting History
Episode Augusto's
Voted Against
1 Kennedy Kennedy
2 Mikura-jima Tribe Immune
3 Mikura-jima Tribe Immune
4 Billy Billy, David, Jenny
Voted Out, Day 15
5 No Tribal Council
6 Kennedy -
7 Allison Allison
8 Madison -
9 Tommy -
Billy Billy
10 Darien Individual Immunity
11 Ash 2 Individual Immunity 1
1st Returnee, Day 34
11 Steven -
12 Sara -
Mike -
13 Jenny -
14 Jordan -
15 Jenny -
16 Steven;
David Ash
Liana Liana
Co-Runner Up, Day 70
Jury Votes
for Augusto
1. Augusto won the final immunity challenge and automatically got a spot back into the main game.
2. As part of the Yūrei twist, all players submitted a list of who they would like to return. Augusto cast a vote for Ash to return, as she was at the top of his list.